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Wealth Building Blocks

The goal is building capital (cash) because you do not have enough liquid cash assets of your own for the down payment and closing costs to purchase properties yourself and/or get started. 

Your goal is to build your own cash reserves so that you can move up the wealth-building blocks to become a long-term wealthy investor. Specific acquisition strategies might include:

Straight Flips or Rehabs

Buy – Rehab – Refinance – Hold

Rent to Own


Joint Venture Partnership


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Growing Your Capital

No matter your goals there are a number of strategies to achieve your desired outcomes. The benefit of any of these strategies being acquiring real estate. For many getting on to the real estate wealth ladder can be unsurmountable. The biggest hurdle many encounters is not having enough capital or cash to cover down payment or closing costs.

You may have time and expertise, but the inability to qualify for financing, raise funds or manage overhead costs is so overwhelming you end up putting it off until you can “afford it”. This is often very arduous and totally stalls acquisition and progress of wealth creation entirely or you are limited to the traditional “buy a principal home”, let it increase in value, sell and buy a bigger one and so forth.


There are alternatives to this “standard path” to grow your wealth. Creating a focused strategy on growing your current capital assets (cash in your pocket) using the current skills you do have (time and expertise) and then acquiring other people’s money! There are infinite possibilities when you have this trifecta nailed!

Our goal is to build a large pool of capital using a number of different strategies. The primary reason that many begin their investing journey with this particular strategy is because they don’t have enough liquid cash assets of their own for down payment and closing costs to actually purchase property in their name right now.


Let’s get focused on growing your

capital with quick cash strategies.

Define Your Goals

We agree that growing your bank account balance is the primary goal. The important question at this point is by how much? $20,000? $50,000? $250,000?

Defining your end goal and your timeline is key to creating the right plan. First, answer some of these questions:

How much time can you dedicate, in hours per week, to this goal? 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours etc. The more time you have available the faster you can get started and achieve your target.

What current skills do you have that can be utilized? Maximizing your current skill sets will help determine specific strategies you might consider starting with. Spending time learning a new skill or searching for someone to join you to fill this gap, is still doable but will take more time.

Do you have any funds at all or ability to qualify to borrower funds?

Together we will create a strategy to grow your wealth. In order to do so we need to determine your end goal and timeline – your why.

Here are some examples:


When I have $250,000 in my bank account, I will have enough capital to buy a few small multi-family buildings that I will hold specifically for cash flow so I can quit my full-time job within the next 5 years!

When I have $100,000 in my bank account, I will have enough capital to finance the renovations on my own flip and not require a Joint Venture Partner and therefore reap all the benefits and profits.

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