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A Pre-Approval is Leverage!

A pre-approval is not just a must in a fast-paced real estate market but also a great leveraging tool to use when at the negotiating table with a home seller.

As the buyer you want to purchase the home for as little as possible while the seller wants to sell for the highest amount possible with minimum fuss. Having a fully underwritten pre-approval with a reputable Mortgage Broker gives the seller the confidence that you can meet conditions and close with no hassle or delay. Give yourself the confidence that all your “financial ducks are in a row” to negotiate and have your offer accepted.

Securing Your Pre-Approval

Securing a pre-approval will provide you with the security to go house hunting with confidence that you are financially covered.

A pre-approval will help to determine:

  • the maximum you qualify for,
  • a monthly mortgage payment that is affordable to you, and
  • protection from rising interest rates, and provide you with leverage at the negotiating table with the seller of your new home

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