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Don’t Renew …. Renegotiate!

The Posted Rate vs. The Best Rate

Think of the posted rate as the opening offer in a negotiation. Even if you are getting a discounted rate, you may still be paying a premium compared to other lenders.

Working with your trusted Windrose Group agent will help you get the best rate during your renegotiations. 

Know your Options

Do your research before you begin negotiations to know what’s available to you vs. what’s being offered to you. Your Windrose Group agent can let you know your options by starting with a pro bono consultation and will work with you to secure the best deal.

Loyalty to your Bank will Not affect your Rate

Being a loyal customer won’t make a difference when renewing your mortgage.

If you’re looking for a better rate or term, consider other lenders. As long as you switch at renewal time, you won’t face any penalties.

It’s not all about the Rate

The cheapest rate might not be the best rate or your situation. It is important to always check the terms before you sign! Often, we find it’s the rate going out that’s just as important as going in!

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Bank vs. Broker

A mortgage specialist at the bank has access to only one lender.

The Windrose Group has access to over 65 lenders.


This allows us the unique ability to shop the market to find you the best rate and save you unnecessary interest – better in your pocket than someone else’s!


Everybody’s situation varies, and we work closely with you to ensure you’re not only receiving the best rate and terms but receiving the client care you deserve along the way.

If you need to renew your mortgage, our Windrose Group

agents want to renegotiate for you!

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