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Buying a Second Home or Cottage

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What you need to know if you are Buying a Second Home or Cottage

Owning a vacation home or cottage is a dream for many Canadians. Fast-paced lifestyles and busy schedules have become a part of everyday life for us, and cottage at the lake is a great way to relax after the stresses of the week. Let us help you make this dream a reality! 

Cottages and Vacation Homes

Financing that dream cottage or vacation home starts with your personal borrowing power (credit, income, other debts and obligations etc.), and then the type of property you are financing. 

With the uniqueness of cottage properties, they are broken down into:

Type A (essentially a second home with a number of amenities and services you would have at a traditional residence including; foundation, plumbing, year-round access, winterized etc),

Type B (Seasonal road use, non-winterized, non-drinkable water etc.), or

Type C (often bare land, small cabins/bunkies). As you can imagine, depending on the quality of the building depends on the ability to source affordable financing.

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Second Homes for Work

A growing trend in order to reduce the weekly commute Is to purchase a second property closer to your workplace. Rather than spend hours and hours on the road stuck in traffic, or constantly living out of a suitcase as you spend more nights in hotels, why not consider purchasing a second property?

A place that you can use during the week that feels like home – the only thing that Is missing Is your family of course. With as a little as 5% down payment, you can purchase a property that provides a familiar place while you work and builds equity at the same time. 

Second Homes for Adult Children

Sending a child off to university can be tough both emotionally and financially.  In addition to the rising cost of tuition, students and parents often face the high costs of renting while at the same time not being in control of security and wanting to keep our loved ones are safe. The excitement and pride of your son and daughter being accepted into university can soon be dampened with the stress of finding a suitable rental that is safe, close to the campus and at a reasonable cost as you compete with thousands of other families with the same struggle.  

Why not consider purchasing instead of renting? You can purchase a property, with as a little as 5% down payment, that provides safe and secure housing for your children while allowing you to build equity at the same time.

Second Homes for Dependent Parents

As our parents get older, we have to take on the role of finding care and supporting our ageing family members. Having the flexibility of having these members close by makes it easier for us to support them for longer. Why not consider purchasing a home close to you so that your ageing parents can still live independently while benefitting from your support. Remove the stress of long-distance driving to care or check up on your ageing parents. This may also remove the financial stress on your parents especially with the increased costs of assisted living. With as a little as 5% down payment, you can purchase a property that provides comfort and reassurance that your loved ones are closer to you and builds equity at the same time.

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