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     In this blog post, we’ll quickly explore some of the benefits of choosing and working with The Windrose Group team members. If you’re interested in learning more about The Windrose Group and how we can help you on your path to homeownership, give us a shout directly via email or phone and we’ll be able to help.

A Team of Licensed Experts

     We know exactly which lenders to utilize, what their guidelines are, and how to negotiate the best terms on behalf of our clients thanks to our decades of combined experience. Ensuring you have an expert on your side is essential to successful home ownership, and The Windrose Group will be able to guide and advise you throughout this process.

A Vast Range of Knowledge & Products

     We have a firm understanding of all the lenders guidelines. For example, if you’re looking for specific needs, like you’re a self-employed borrowers, you’re a new immigrant to Canada, or you’re using alternate income, like Canadian Child Tax Benefits, we know all the in-and-out’s of lenders guidelines to ensure you have, or help get you to, the necessary purchasing power.

     If you’re interested in learning more on this subject, you can read our previous blog post about homeownership as a self-employed individual, or, give us a shout directly via email or phone and we’ll be able to help.

Step-by-Step Support

     We walk you through the process of getting a mortgage, step by step. We understand it can be daunting your first time, that’s why we’ve created our 10 Steps to Your Front Door booklet, allowing you to have a working checklist to get you to your front door! 

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Access to VIP Interest Rates

     The Windrose Group has the power to unlock access to interest rates the banks don’t want you to know about. We’re privy to this information because our team sends lenders millions of dollars in new business each month. As a result, we’re privy to the deepest discounts with the pleasure of passing them along to you. 

Windrose Team Members Working

We Work For You!

     It’s important to note that we work for you, we don’t work for any ‘one’ lender. Your financial strategy is always about what is best for you.

     This also means we are available on your terms, including evenings or weekends, via text, email, or phone, whatever works best for you is what works best for us!

Your Personal Professional Market Shopper

     We spend the time and resources necessary to ‘shop the market’ so you don’t have to.

     Calling The Windrose Group is like calling over 50 different lenders. We have access to all of them – Banks, Credit Unions, Trust Companies, and a large pool of private funds. We can strategically approach lenders based on your particular investment needs and goals in order to lock down your best possible deals.

Available on Your Terms

     As previously mentioned, we’re available on your terms. That’s because we understand that everyone has a different (& usually busy!) schedule, and our goal is to provide you with exceptional service and earn your trust. We also want the privilege of earning the business of your network of fellow home buyers in the future. 

Credit Bureau Policy

     At The Windrose Group, we only pull one credit bureau report which is then forwarded to potential lenders as necessary.

     Many people aren’t aware that they’re inadvertently disqualifying themselves from getting the best options when they are shopping for a mortgage. That’s because each time there is credit pull, your credit rating drops and lowers your options and purchasing power. This can have a serious impact on your chances of getting the best products and services, so our team is able to protect your credit score in the process of your homeownership journey.

Rate Protection Policy

     This means that if interest rates drop before you close, you’ll automatically get the lower rate. The same is true if rates increase before you close, you’ll maintain the lower rate you’d previously locked in

Bank Competition – Presenting Comparable Options

Isn’t it time the banks compete for your mortgage business?

We’ll provide you with options to compare:

  1. What your bank is offering you, and;
  2. What The Windrose Group is able to offer you.

     It never hurts to get a second opinion on the biggest financial obligation you’ll likely have in your lifetime. With a team like The Windrose Group working for you every step of the way, you can be assured you’re getting your best deals and services.  That’s always our top priority!


If you’re interested in working with The Windrose Group or learning more about your options, give us a shout directly via email or phone and we’ll be able to help.
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